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About Translation Support

“MOVE and The Equity Center have partnered up to bring linguistic equity to our multilingual community. Everyone has the right to have educational and essential documents in the language they best understand, and MOVE is providing this free service to the community.”

The Multilingual Outreach Volunteer Effort (MOVE) brings UVA’s language resources together with community language needs to promote multilingualism and bridge linguistic barriers in the Greater Charlottesville Community. MOVE was established in response to COVID-19. We represent 30+ languages and translate critical resources to make them accessible to people in and around Charlottesville.

Dos and Dont's

What do we do? 

  • We assist with small translating and interpreting requests from Charlottesville-area non-profit community-based and educational organizations, as well as units within UVA

What don't we do? 

As a volunteer organization:

  • We do not translate medical documents or interpret medical procedures (We leave this to the professionals!).

  • We do not do work outside of the UVA/Greater Charlottesville Community

  • We do not translate excessively long documents!

  • We do not do professional, paid translating and interpreting. All of our partners understand that we are volunteers and we cannot guarantee error-free translations. 

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